Participants have traveled hundreds, even thousands of miles to attend LUE.

Why? Read for yourself!

A life changing event!
Thanks to all involved for putting on a life changing event! I honestly woke up yesterday with more clarity on what an exceptional experience it was for me. The only possible negative is that it will now be difficult to be part of a strum-along where mediocrity is the accepted norm. Peter’s favorite words to my ears were, “fix it!”

Kathy T

How can I argue…?
I have made more progress in this short time than I have in the last several years.

Danielle H

I can’t quit!
It’s hands-on music school, with the two best instruments for learning–uke and voice!

Dave T

An increased and renewed love of and joy in the ukulele.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing Luongo Ukulele Experience! Was it intensive? You bet! Was it frustrating at times? It sure was! Was it inspiring? Most certainly! Was it filled with kindness, hope and new friends? Delightfully so! Did it stretch my 79 year old brain? You might say it “blew my mind” in many ways. Peter, your enthusiasm, your insistence on the pursuit of excellence, your drive, your expertise and innovation in teaching, your amazing ear for music and, above all, your JOY are amazing!

Sharon Y

I got much more than I bargained for! In a good way!
I’m learning “music” and “musicianship” and not just another boring strumming/technique class. LUE sets the bar very high for excellence and playing.

Pat L

At a different level
LUE is at a different level than traditional forms of ukulele education. It’s harder by far, but the results are greater. No matter where we were skill-wise when we began everyone has improved.

Holli L

The portal to being more complete as a person.
What I realized after this weekend’s intense experience, was that the big stretch and reach for musicianship, for me at least, is the portal to being more complete as a person. Your teaching helped me stretch further than I’d let myself think I could—in not just playing or singing but in achieving a higher level, working past my fears and insecurities and coming out the other side beaming. I like to beam!

Tonya D

I Love this LUE program.
LUE exceeded my expectations. It pushed me to that uncomfortable level which is necessary for development and for growth. I am a better ukulele player, singer and person because of LUE. Other groups do not challenge you. The LUE not only nudges you along but it also provides good mentors and good friends. No one is left behind because we have become a family.

I Love this LUE program. I have now have an extended family. I am happy.

Darryl F

Exceeded my wildest dreams!
The Luongo Experience exceeded my wildest dreams! It was challenging, demanding, exhilarating and I want more! Thanks very much to you and Peter for cooking up the workshop idea in the first place and for wanting to continue it going forward.

Sarah S

Truly educational…
The curriculum is established and well thought out. I understand now how the music choices facilitate skill development. I’m continually pleased with the respect shown by Peter for excellence over mediocrity. I’m equally pleased with his respect for our time. For example, Peter’s decisiveness and on-task expectations, though relentless, make LUE a truly educational venue.

Nancy O

Forces you to think
I love the difficulty and challenges Peter gives us…he forces you to think.

Ed F

A joy and an inspiration…
Wow! Phew! What a workshop! What a challenge!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you are doing to make an event like this happen. It was a joy and an inspiration to improve and to continue growing in musical skills.


So worth it!
Neither of us have practiced that hard since we were in college, but it was so worth it!

From a technique and performance standpoint it exceeded all expectations…when Peter said he was noticing at festivals that people were going to the classes but not getting any better year to year, we noticed that too. LUE fit the bill perfectly.

It is kind of like joining a gym. Sure you can get some things done on your own, but with a trainer (Peter) you become much more efficient and conditioned. That is the major distinction!

Walter B

Challenged like never before…
Thanks for putting together the Luongo event! I was challenged like never before and enjoyed the learning experience.

Tom D

The biggest highlight so far in my uke journey…
Thank you so much for providing such an amazing opportunity and for all the work put into this.

I’m still fairly new in learning ukulele and the LUE is the biggest highlight so far in my uke journey! I came out of the experience feeling inspired and happy to learn how to up my skill.


Far exceeded expectations.
This experience far exceeded any expectations I had of the program AND of myself. I never would have imagined I could learn to play at this level in such a short amount of time.

Sue B

Couples in LUE:
We were exactly the type of players that gave Doug and Peter the vision: Ukulele players who wanted to move from the hum and strum into being true musicians and vocalists. It has been amazing to go to LUE together. I joined first and would come home from the weekends exhausted and elated. I would talk to Greg incessantly about what we learned and he decided that he wanted to have the same experience.

We each bring different skills to the group. Peter continues to build on those skills and shows us how we fit into the ensemble. We have grown musically together and each weekend is a mini vacation for us too. To share the experience together is so wonderful. We can practice together, be frustrated together and cheer each other on when learning becomes difficult. Doing LUE together has helped us to be able to remember what we learned and to help each other.

It is great to immerse ourselves in music together, away from the distractions of home life. We would recommend it to any couples looking for an activity to do together that results in true value for your life. Thank you, Doug and Peter, for the effort and time you put into creating this wonderful musical opportunity for all of us.

Tricia & Greg

Couples in LUE:
Elaine has Fibromyalgia, a condition of overactive nerves and inflammation creating various levels of chronic pain over most of her body and joints. Often we would get the door and she would say, “You go without me, it’s fine.” Over time, we began to feel isolated. Then a wonderful thing happened: We attended some of Doug’s ukulele festivals and retreats and she was introduced to the community of people I spoke so fondly of as really different from the guitar crowd I formerly played with.

We started going to jams and more of your festivals. These served as the right distraction for Elaine to put the pain aside and play and socialize again. When we saw the Langley Ensemble at Reno 2015, we were so amazed at the playing ability of those kids, and wished there was a way to get better at playing like that. We were in an amateur group but the leader left, we drifted for a few months, and we weren’t getting our playing level up to par. When we saw your invite for Peter’s LUE Test Drive we jumped at the chance and we have not regretted it since.

I have been able to take the playing techniques and singing cues back to our group and it’s paying off as we are getting better faster. We have worked hard. It’s been a bit stressful for Elaine, but it’s a good stress as we know the reward at the end is a good performance and the appreciation of the audience. Peter’s guidance has been nothing less than firm, steady, and honest and he knows how to turn desire into action. We love being with the other couples and hope that more will join us.

Bill & Elaine