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Catie i miss you and still love I Am Ready Dick

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Catie i miss you and still love

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Since I last was wrapped in your embrace.

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Thinking back now, things seemed great then. But, underneath our masks of happiness and ease, we were both exhausted with what had been drawn out for far too long. It only occurred to me recently that I blurred the significance of my having own identity when I was with you.

I stopped listening to the music I loved. I tried dressing up for you, and I started wearing less for you. I broke rules I had set for myself prior to meeting you, in hopes of keeping you interested.

I learned to keep quiet. I learned to not expect answers to real questions about where we stood when I really did deserve explanations.

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I learned to deal with your impatience. I learned to keep to myself and not expect you to hold my hand in public. I should be through with you.

Catie i miss you and still love

The toxicity you filled my world with resembled the exhaust from 1, cars on the Brooklyn Bridge during rush hour. You brought thunder and lightning to my cloudless sky and left me alone after the downpour.

Tennessee (TN) You instilled a fear of voicing my concerns and questions with others, for fear of annoying them with my uncertainty. My uncertainty, which stemmed from an insecurity you had grown over the years, one that you projected onto whatever we shared.

You made oyu feel stupid and irrational for even feeling like we could ever fall in love. You would create a push and pull mechanism.

I Still Miss You, But Then I Remember Why I Shouldn’t | Thought Catalog

I miss your consistency, but then I remember how often your Catie i miss you and still love would fluctuate. I miss your loyalty, but then I remember you always left me questioning if I was the only girl in your heart. I lost that love when I was with you. I miss the excitement Caatie your voice and how your eyes lit up when you were two days away from seeing your favorite rappers in concert.

But then I remember, you changed my interests in music, and I was under the false pretense that I thoroughly enjoyed anything you did. As much as you brought light into my life, it was artificial.

You stll me enclosed in a windowless room for months on end, narrowing my view and seeing you as my only option. My only hope for a first love. So thank you for not loving me.

You pushed me to my limits. You set my anr ablaze and left me alone as I watched our memories burn to the ground.

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Katie nestled tighter against Ben's shoulder and watched Longstreet's smooth gait float across the pavement. “Can you believe I remember a day when you drove right past me on the road and never even noticed me. “I'll miss you, Ben. I Still Miss You, But Then I Remember Why I Shouldn't. By Katie Giron, October 4th I stopped listening to the music I loved. I tried. Katie O'Brien, We Love & Miss You. likes. It seemed about over but they still ache. We love and miss you, Katie. I still think about her often. ❤ . · 12w.

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