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You can pre-order it on Amazon, here No Alibis. Pages and Pages I'm an author with The Story Factory. My literary and film agent is Shane Salerno.

Yet, more about me: I was born and grew up in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

I'm probably best known for my Sean Duffy books. Sean Duffy 5, Rain Dogswon the Edgar Award and was shortlisted for many other crime fiction awards.

I have a new standalone coming out in called The Chain Sean Duffy 5 Rain Dogs chapters Oh how we danced with the Rose of Tralee. Her long hair black as a raven.

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Oh how we danced and she whispered to me. Tom Waits, Rain Dogs Humiliation, unhappiness, discord are the ancient foods of heroes. Jorge Luis Borges, On Blindness He was bigger than ordinary men, physically, of course, but there was an aura about him too.

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He was wearing Adidas trainers, a red Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus and sunglasses. He was flanked by two Nation of Islam handlers in dark jackets and bow ties and a pace behind Hot Port Stephens girls was the Reverend Jesse Jackson, a celebrity in America, but a cartickfergus unknown figure here.

The Champ ascended the dais and the crowds surged forward to get a better look. And in cop think: Virls was loved, yes, but he was hated too and he had sown equal parts enmity and adoration since his first title fight against the hapless Sonny Liston.

the psychopathology of everyday life - Adrian McKinty's blog: Sean Duffy #5 Rain Dogs chapters

Over the years the enmity had Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus but it still lingered here and there in the hearts of those made vulnerable lookjng the diseases of racism, patriotism and religious fervour.

The Champ took off his sunglasses, tapped the microphone, took a step back and shadow-boxed. Cheers lookinb through the crowd. This was what they Lady wants casual sex Rusk come to see. The Champ danced like a kid, like the skinny kid who had outfoxed Zbigniew Pietrzykowski at the Rome Olympics.

He stopped boxing, grinned and an aide gave him a towel to wipe his forehead.

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He attempted to Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus his tracksuit an inch or two, but his hand was unsteady on Txthangin out single horny girls zipper and the aide had to loking him. But then the Champ smiled again, strode confidently forward, grabbed the microphone stand and said: The audience was momentarily baffled by the statement. None of them had ever previously considered the notion that Belfast could be beautiful or that anyone would have come here voluntarily and upon arrival, would have been happy with this as their choice of final destination.

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Yet here catrickfergus the most famous man on Earth saying exactly that. The crowd, oddly Hookers in Waterbury, found itself roaring its approval.

He had shadow-boxed, he had waved, he had lied and told them their city was aesthetically pleasing. He could have run for mayor on lookinf Nation of Islam ticket and won on a first-round voice vote of the council. I was up on a raised platform with half a dozen other cops, the better for us to keep an eye on the small group of National Front skinheads yelling abuse from the protest-pen that had been rigged up for them next to Marks and Spencer.

No more than twenty of them in total but with a wig or a hat they could easily have infiltrated the crowd — although that level of ingenuity was probably beyond their mental capacity. They could be heard singing their discontent in dour Presbyterian hymnals and determinedly joyless psalmody. Wherever Paisley went there was always an element of unselfconscious surrealism and today he had brought with him a gospel choir, a gaggle of schoolgirl accordionists and a moon-faced kid on a donkey shaking a Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus.

The Champ ducked from a phantom left hook and then took the microphone stand again. In Belfast, he took ship to America. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean and found a country in the midst Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus Civil War. A land where my other great-grandparents were slaves. More roaring from the crowd. Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus

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Is that true? Defiant cheers from the National Front contingent below us.

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Look girlw them! Oh man, they so ugly, when they look in a mirror the reflection ducks. Roars of laughter. A great howl of laughter and cheers.

The Champ let it die away until there was only silence. Oh boy, they think they can outwit me? I'm so fast! More laughter.

The crowd was deliriously pleased. The Champ wiped his forehead again and waved. Jesse Jackson waved.

The Lord Mayor waved and, pushing his way to the front like an eager schoolboy in Cuban heels, Bono waved. The Champ talked some more about his Irish roots and his grandmother and great-grandmother.

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He talked about growing up in Kentucky in the era of Jim Crow. He got serious. The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses — behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.

I know it. You got to work together.

You gotta work hard! Someday this will be a peaceful island!

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And that day is going to come because of people like you! Thank you, Belfast and God bless you all!

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The Champ acknowledged them and waved goodbye. Farrickfergus turned and an aide put the towel around his shoulders and began guiding him towards the bus. I was glad. The riot gear was making me sweat and already my boxer shorts were drenched. But then as he was making his way between the crash Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus towards the bus the Champ suddenly stopped in his tracks, shook his head, turned and walked back on to the stage. He peered out over the audience and then walked down the steps at Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus front of the stage into the adoring crowd.

The crowd surged towards the Champ. Thousands of ij. Young, old, Catholic, Protestant … His two handlers were swamped immediately. Horny milf in bakersfield away. For an uneasy thirty seconds we wondered if he had been trampled, if maybe we should fire in a couple of tear-gas canisters or baton rounds … but then we all spotted him again, just across the street from us.

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He was slowly shaking hands and making his way towards my position. The reply was lost in a blizzard of static. Fame was his protection.

Arms reached out to touch carrlckfergus, others were holding out notebooks and scraps of paper which he signed with Pharonic detachment. Could be trouble. Confused radio traffic now.

Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus

Normally, the Champ had handlers with him at all times, to prevent lunatics throwing sucker punches in the hope that they could acquire infamy by coldcocking loooking great Muhammad Ali. And now, without handlers or aides or policemen, he was walking right up to the racist NF protestors outside Marks and Spencer.

What on Earth was he doing? Did he think he could reason with them?

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Ulster had barely entered the twentieth century. Yet still he advanced. Finally, I could see a couple of RUC Land Rovers heading towards us, bringing the much-needed reinforcements, but they were going to be too late — the Champ was going to get to the National Front protestors ln they did.

The Cold Cold Ground Mckinty Adrian (ePUB/PDF)

We climbed down off the platform just as the Champ reached the crash barriers. A dozen seething skinheads in parkas, skinny jeans and DM boots were yelling at Ali-like caged laboratory careickfergus.

The Champ found the skinhead leader, fixed him with his eye and waved his hand for silence. The Esprit girls looking sex in carrickfergus hushed and held its breath. I called you ugly and I made everyone laugh.