The Luongo Ukulele Experience presents
Maximum Ukulele™


The ultimate ukulele training day for the motivated adult enthusiast!

The next Maximum Ukulele™ will take place in Reno on Friday, September 8 at the Peppermill Resort CLICK HERE FOR DISCOUNTED ROOM RESERVATIONS


What is Maximum Ukulele™?

Maximum Ukulele™ is an unparalleled, standalone, extended-day training seminar for motivated ukulele enthusiasts, directed by the most experienced and inspirational instructor in the ukulele world.

It is also the portal into the Ensemble Project for those who emerge inspired to join!


Who is Maximum Ukulele for?

• Players interested in becoming better performers.
• Teachers wanting to increase their repertoire of instructional techniques and strategies.
• Enthusiasts looking to enhance their musicianship and performance skills.
• Ensemble Members looking to continue training without the demands of the Ensemble program.

All players with,intermediate skills are welcome.
Maximum Ukulele


When, Where, How Much?

September 8 – Peppermill Resort
Reno, Nevada
8:30a.m. – 7:30p.m.
Includes Lunch & Binder of materials

Cost: $275
Previous Attendees/ Ex or Current Ensemble Members $50 OFF*



*email after registering for instant $50 credit.


MAXIMUM UKULELE™ is the ultimate workshop for inspired ukulele lovers with intermediate skills. (See “What level of skills are required?” below.) It’s ten hours of intensive ukulele and vocal training from the most experienced and inspirational instructor on the planet. Internationally renown ukulele director and teacher Peter Luongo draws from over 30 years of unsurpassed teaching and directing experience to extract the best of your inner musician.

This program is designed for 3 types of ukulele loving individuals:
• Players interested in becoming performers, in our performing ensemble experience.
• Teachers wanting to increase their repertoire of instructional techniques and strategies.
• Enthusiasts looking to enhance their musicianship and performance skills and take their experience of the ukulele beyond hum and strum.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of musical styles and musical arrangements ranging from jazz to pop to classical to traditional. The class will mirror the approach used when Peter directed the internationally acclaimed Langley Ukulele Ensemble and will provide musical insights and arrangements for you to take back to your own groups or solo pursuits.

Teachers (both community and school based) and ukulele group leaders will observe master-teaching techniques first hand which can then be employed with their own students and groups. Individual players will learn new techniques and practice methods that will enhance their abilities. And if you are so inspired, you will be given the track on which to qualify to join our performing ensemble.

You will achieve a greater understanding of the ukulele’s potential as a melody, harmony, and rhythm instrument, learn practical methods for using cross-string scales up and down the neck, experience rhythmic flat-picking, and perform multi-part vocal and instrumental arrangements!

Here’s a look at your day at MAXIMUM UKULELE™: Buckle Up, Start Your Engines…

8:30 a.m. Full Speed Ahead: You will immediately learn to perform a song sung and played in 4-part harmony, with the ability to perform it instrumentally and as a solo.

On your 2nd lap you will learn a second song and, in the process, be introduced to a part of the ukulele that many players never explore…the neck from the 5th to the 12th fret!

After a quick pit stop you will learn about the power of chords and apply this new found knowledge to learning another song.

By mid-day, you’ll have a new understanding of the versatility of the uke. Everyone will break for a catered group lunch and then get back on track for an invigorating, motivating afternoon of more new, songs, techniques, and unique, multi-part arrangements.

And did we mention singing? We’re not just a ukulele experience! Peter also has decades of choral direction experience and he’ll have you singing your part within multi-part harmonies. By the end of the afternoon, you will have fully unleashed your inner musician!

Finally, after a dinnertime break and some independent practice time, you will reconvene for your final lap with existing members of the LUE Ensemble, who will give you their experiences, mentor you, and play your new material with you.

Your Experience wraps up about 7:30 PM. You’ll have a whole new outlook on the motivating musical life that awaits you!

MAXIMUM UKULELE™ is a rewarding personal and musical growth experience for all!

Simply tremendous…
Let me add my thanks for the fantastic day with Peter Luongo. It was simply tremendous and I look forward to working with him again. Your organization of materials was superb. It was beyond my expectations in every way!

What level of skills are required?

To be clear, this is not a course for beginners. To get the most out of this intensive program, you should have a good grasp of intermediate skills, including a strong sense of rhythm, a decent concept of scales, and where to find notes on the neck. That said, MAXIMUM UKULELE™ is open to all motivated, intermediate players who are eager to move beyond their current level.

The following skills are demonstrated in MAXIMUM UKULELE™. Ideal candidates for the Ensemble should learn and attain proficiency in these skills:

– Be able to play tight and rhythmic strumming patterns while maintaining tempo and singing vocal parts in tune.
– Know the I, IV, V7, & vi minor chords in the keys of C, F, & G.
– Be able to play basic bar chords (Bb, Bmin, D7, etc.)
– Be familiar with chord patterns and have some knowledge of alternate chord positions.
– Be able to play or be open to learning to play melody lines with a flat pick.
– Be able to play or quickly learn to play the C, F, and G major scales proficiently in first position and cross-string up the neck.
– Know the names of the notes of the lines and spaces on the treble staff and be able to find their location on the fretboard.
– Be able to learn to sight-read basic melody passages in notation, including the identification of whole, quarter, half, dotted half, dotted quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes.
– Be able to hear chord changes.
– Be able to echo sing passages with accurate pitch and rhythm.
– Have a basic understanding of musical terms and concepts, including sharps, flats, chromatic structure, key signatures, and the formation of scales and chords.
– Have a commitment to a polished performance and to “getting it right” through intense practice and rehearsal sessions, and independent practice between sessions.

Instrument Requirements:
– The playing of melody lines, including notes below traditional re-entrant tuning, is emphasized in LUE. Therefore, a tenor or concert sized ukulele strung with a low G (4th) string is highly recommended for MAXIMUM UKULELE™ and is mandatory for the Ensemble.
– Finally, unless physically unable, you should expect to occasionally perform while standing, therefore a strap may be helpful.

Cancellation policy:
Reservations for Maximum Ukulele™ may be cancelled and refunded up through 30 days prior to any session without penalty. Within 30 days of the session’s initial date, through one week prior, cancellations will incur a 20% cancellation fee, as many fees with the venue are based on attendance reservations and are no longer refundable to us. No refunds will be made within 7 days of session.

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